Nvidia introduces RTX 4060 Ti GPUs with 8 and 16GB memory from 449 euros

Nvidia announces its GeForce RTX 4060 Ti series. The company will release an 8GB variant for 449 euros next week. A 16GB model will follow in July for 559 euros. The company will also release a lower-positioned RTX 4060 in July, of which no suggested retail price has yet been announced.

Nvidia supplies the GeForce RTX 4060 Ti with 8 or 16GB of memory, but the other specifications of the two variants are identical together. The cards both have an AD106 GPU with 4352 CUDA cores and 32MB L2 cache. Nvidia claims that the video cards offer up to 22Tflops of shading processing power. The GPUs offer a memory bandwidth of 288GB/s. The total board power of the 4060 Ti is 160W, although Nvidia claims that the video card consumes an average of 140W when playing games.

The RTX 4060 Ti is an average of fifteen, according to Nvidia percent faster than the RTX 3060 Ti when using DLSS upscaling without Frame Generation. If that AI feature for frame- interpolation is used, according to the manufacturer, the card is on average 70 percent faster than the 3060 Ti. Nvidia also compares the RTX 4060 Ti with the RTX 2060 Super from 2019. The new GPU would be an average of 70 percent faster with DLSS upscaling, but without Frame Generation. Using Frame Generation, that difference would increase to 160 percent.

Nvidia is also introducing a GeForce RTX 4060. That video card will have an AD107 GPU with 3072 CUDA cores and 24MB L2 cache. This video card comes standard with 8GB memory and achieves a memory bandwidth of up to 272GB/s. Nvidia says that this video card without Frame Generation is 20 percent faster than the current RTX 3060.

The GeForce RTX 4060 Ti with 8GB memory will be available on May 24 for a suggested retail price of 449 euros. The RTX 4060 Ti 16GB will follow in July for 559 euros. The RTX 4060 will also be released in July, and Nvidia says this video card will cost $329.