Speculation: OpenAI Developing Its Own Search Engine

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OpenAI may be working on its own search engine. This would be partly powered by Microsoft’s Bing. That would make OpenAI a direct competitor of Google. Details are not yet known.

OpenAI is developing a ‘web search product’. This is evident from reporting from The Information. The business publication learned this from a person with knowledge of the development, who has not been named.

It is not yet known how far OpenAI is and when it plans to release the search engine. According to The Information, the service will be powered in part by Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. It is not yet clear whether the service will be integrated into ChatGPT or separate from it. ChatGPT Plus users can already enter search queries via Bing .

The development of a search engine would make OpenAI a direct competitor of Google. Google has also been investing heavily in AI recently, also as a supplement to its existing search engine. Earlier this month it announced that its chatbot Bard will now be Gemini is called. The service will also have a paid version.