About us

We Are A Team Of Seasoned Bloggers Of Diverse Nationalities. We are building the next generation of tech media companies focused on providing relevant information in a way that favors readers’ productivity instead of page views and time on site. Leveraging this new and efficient type of content, 

Our Promise

It’s not always easy to discern reliable sustainability content from articles that are agenda-driven or salesy. We strive to cut through the noise, providing trustworthy content that’s both authoritative and accessible. Everything we publish on NewsTechia is created with these core promises in mind: 

  • Report with integrity. When it comes to our content, we’re committed to full transparency. Sponsored content is clearly marked as such, and we disclose all potential conflicts of interest. We never accept payment in exchange for editorial coverage.
  • Never preach. Just because we are experts doesn’t mean we are self-righteous. We may be peachy, but never preachy.
  • Trust science. We’ll never be swayed by the latest hot takes or political spin. The foundation of our writing, editing, and fact-checking processes is rigorous scientific research—and we always cite our sources.
  • Refuse greenwashing. Companies spend billions of dollars a year on marketing and know the power of an eco-friendly spin, even when it’s deceptive. We approach corporate environmental claims with a healthy dose of skepticism and refuse to play into misleading narratives.
  • Welcome everyone. Saving the planet isn’t a special club. At NewsTechia, there are no secret codewords or handshakes

Quality Standards

Our editors review our text, images, and illustrations before publishing to make sure that our articles are accurate and of the highest quality.

Once a story has been published, we have a stable of experienced freelance editors responsible for fact-checking and updating our content library, regularly ensuring that every piece of content on the site is up to date, accurate, and free of ethical concerns, conflicts, or misinformation. If an article has been modified, the date of the most recent update is provided at the top of the page. Spot something out of date? Let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We review all reader feedback and make updates to our content as needed. 

In addition to our editors, our team also consists of visual editors and illustrators, as well as product managers, designers, and engineers monitor who monitor the usage of our sites, per our Privacy Policy, to improve your experience across all devices and develop new features.