DigiTimes: AMD Threadripper 8000 Series Coming 2025

AMD will release its Ryzen Threadripper 8000 series in 2025. That writes DigiTimes. The chip was given the name Shimanda Peak within the company, will use AMD’s Zen 5 architecture and will be baked on a 4nm or 6nm process.

The American company will also be in 2024 Bringing Ryzen 8000 desktop CPUs to market. This processor line received AMD according to DigiTimes codenamed Granite Ridge and would use the Zen 5 architecture. The Ryzen 8000 CPUs are reportedly baked on a 4nm or a 6nm process. AMD previously said that these chips would be baked on a 4nm, and later on a 3nm process.

In 2025, AMD would also release the next generation EPYC introduce server chips. These chips will reportedly be baked on a 3nm process. The first chips with a Zen 6 architecture would follow in 2026. These chips would be baked on a 2nm process. AMD has not yet officially commented on the news.