WhatsApp releases Chat Lock to hide individual chats

WhatsApp adds the Chat Lock feature to the chat service that allows users to lock individual conversations. Protected conversations come in a special folder and can only be opened after authentication with a password or fingerprint.

After locking, hidden chats are no longer in the usual inbox, but are placed in the Locked Chats folder, says WhatsApp. This folder can be found by swiping down on the usual mailbox screen. Users can move existing one-on-one and group conversations entirely to the appropriate folder, which can be unlocked with the login method of the respective smartphone. There are also no notifications of hidden conversations appearing on the screen.

The chat service promises to add further options to the Chat lock function in the coming months. For example, the company states that it will soon be possible to use custom passwords for each individual hidden chat. After all, anyone who knows the login code of a smartphone can also open the relevant folder with the current function. In addition, the feature should work later on several supported devices. For now, Chat Lock is only available through the WhatsApp app; the rollout of new features may take several days.