Diablo IV is Blizzard’s fastest selling game to date

Diablo IV is Blizzard Entertainment’s fastest selling game ever. Although no sales figures have been shared, the record is said to be based on pre-order figures. It has never happened before that Blizzard released a game on so many platforms at the same time.

Although no exact figures have been shared, the developer would never have sold so many games in the pre-order phase, looking at sales on both PC and all consoles. In a press release published by Business Wire Blizzard says that the dungeon crawler has been played for 96 million hours since its limited release on June 1, or almost 11,000 years. Gamers who bought the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate edition of the game already got access on that day, while the standard version was released on the night of June 5-6.

Diablo IV is available for the PC, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 and 5. Incidentally, this is the first time since the release of the original Overwatch from 2016 that Blizzard has released a full paid game direct to multiple platforms. In addition, it has never happened that a game from the American company was released on so many platforms at the same time.

Only Overwatch 2 was also released on the listed platforms at once. That game had more than 25 million players within the first ten days, but in that case it was about player numbers of a free-to-play shooter and not actual sales figures.