Brave browser gets option to automatically delete cookies when closing website

The Brave browser gets the feature to automatically clear cookies and other first-party site data when users close the website. The capability will be added to version 1.53 of the desktop browser, and version 1.54 of the Brave Android app.

It’s going according to Brave both “explicitly stored” data, such as cookies, LocalStorage and IndexedDB, and “indirectly stored” data, such as the http and dns cache. Users can set whether they want the cookies and other data to be automatically deleted for all sites, or only for certain sites. The so-called Forgetful Browsing function ensures, among other things, that users are automatically logged out, that they are not recognized again on a subsequent visit and that the maximum number of articles that users are allowed to read before encountering a paywall is reset.

To activate the feature for a single site, users must click the shield icon in the browser and navigate to the advanced settings, where they can check the option. To enable the feature for all sites, they should go to the general Brave settings and look for the option under ‘Shields’.

Brave states that many web browsers already offer third-party tracking protection, but that there is more unwanted first-party tracking is still often not good protection. According to the company, this feature is also “more powerful” and more protective than similar browser extensions, such as Forget Me Not or Cookie Autodelete, because such extensions are ‘restricted in their ability to clear cached data or nested documents’.